About Divonu Trim


Since our inception we have immersed ourselves in the fast paced world of fashion and accessories, staying ahead of design trends and adapting to market changes. Ultimately developing the Divonu brand into a reliable, adaptable and innovative leader in the Trims Industry.

Outside of the fashion space Divonu Trims also works with interior designers, florists and other creative industries creating unique and eye catching accessories that compliment their projects and impress clients.

Divonu team travels across the globe to meet like minded clients that are seeking high quality, custom pieces that have not been seen or used before. We offer our clients an endless list of options when it comes to product types from simple buttons and buckles to breathtaking beaded embroidery products including our fast hot fix beading solutions.

The ongoing goal of Divonu Trims is to bring back the passion to the designers by continuing our innovative practices that keep our brand relevant in the online world of fast fashion and other creative industries.

Curious? Contact our team today to see what bespoke pieces we can make for you.